Monday, May 30, 2016

Letter # 63 - May 23, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

Eni got baptized this week! It was one of the best baptisms I have seen on my mission. It was the best. She got up and bore her testimony about feeling trapped, not knowing where to go. But since she has found the church, she talked about finally finding that release.

D&C 123
 12 For there are many yet on the earth among all sects, parties, and denominations, who are blinded by the subtle craftiness of men, whereby they lie in wait to deceive, and who are only kept from the truth because they know not where to find it—

Wow, I can't really express in writing what is it is like to see someone get baptized, but I think it is a small equivalent of how God feels every single day, watching His children grow and blessing them. There is really nothing better or more important than sharing the gospel. 

I love you all.

Motra J 

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