Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Letter # 61 - We've Got the Power - May 9, 2016

Dear Family and Friends!

First off, I want to say Happy Mother's Day yesterday. I hope that you all had an amazing day-especially my mom who is the best.

Can I just say that I love missionary work? It is the best. This last week, we had to give a training in Zone Conference. Sister Eliason and I started planning on Thursday night-and our training happened to be on Friday morning. (Yes, we procrastinated just a little bit). But we sat there going through every Holland talk, watching inspiring Mormon Messages, reading random scriptures just trying to think of something to inspire the missionaries. We were pretty stumped at what we should say.

I can't remember exactly how the idea finally came to us, but we were reflecting on a past experience about two weeks ago when we were confronted by a less than happy father who didn't want his children to learn about the Gospel. Sister Eliason said, "There were two parts of me-one was the scared American girl who was only 20 years old but the other part of me was the missionary." That second part that helps us realize God doesn't ever leave his missionaries alone.

So, we ended up giving our training about the power that we have as missionaries. We were set about to have the authority-but our power depends on us. Just like a superhero-we can choose to exercise those powers to make the world a better place for those around us. Or we can let our kryptonites-disobedience get in the way.

I've realized that nothing is more powerful that a testimony from a missionary. I don't say that because I am a missionary, but just because for a short time we are the representatives of the Lord and He helps us out a little more. (We really need his help.)

Anyways, missionary power is awesome! I love being a part of His work! 

I love you all.

Motra J 

We went ice skating today :) And yes I am the shortest one in my district hahaha. 

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