Monday, April 25, 2016

Letter # 59 - The Best Law of Chasity Lesson Yet - April 25, 2016

Dear Family and Friends-

Sorry, last week I totally spaced on emailing. I ended up watching a lot of Bible videos and basically falling asleep at the computer place-it was a long week so I was a little tired. But, I am a little more awake today. 

This week was a miracle week! I really enjoyed this week. They keep getting better and better here in Tirana. 

I will share a quick funny story before getting onto to the more spiritual part of the week. This last week, we had a lesson with our 10 year old investigator named Gabriela. We were teaching her the Law of Chasity-so we are just basically saying "Dress modestly, treat your body like a temple, and act nicely." 

Then she interrupts us and says, "Michael Jackson-he didn't keep the Law of Chasity. He didn't dress modestly or love his body like a temple. He didn't like his body and so he changed the color of it and cut off his nose and got new hair. If we all love our bodies, we won't die like Michael Jackson did." 

My companion and I were laughing so hard. It was the best Law of Chasity lesson I've taught on my mission.

I want to share a little experience that happened this last week that was really neat. But a little prelude to the story-I used to think missionary work was kind of miracle after miracle. That you walk form building to building, knocking on doors and although you do face rejection-you find that golden family who join the church and get baptized two weeks later. And missions are miracles after miracles-but they are miracles that I wasn't really expecting. 

I've learned that God's plan is so much better for us then what we could ever plan for ourselves and we are just instruments in that enormous plan. One of the best parts about a mission is realizing that the baptisms are really not the miracles-that the little changes, the little ways you see the Lord working with you day to day are the most amazing things.

This last Saturday-we had 3 lessons planned for the afternoon. We were hoping to get a hold of the Bishop's daughter for 2 of the lessons because we were meeting with a lady that she knew. Anyways, we called the Bishop who was a work-so there was no way he was going to be able to tell his daughter we needed her help. 

But we are sitting in the church, teaching another lesson and all the sudden the Bishop's daughter walks in and says, "Hey, I was waiting for some people and they never came so I just came to the church because I didn't know what else to do."

My companion and I just stared at each other in disbelief. The Lord literally sent us exactly who we needed in that moment. It might seem like a small thing-but for us it wasn't.

There are other things that happened this week-similar to this story. I was just amazed at how much God really watches out for His children.

I am certain that He has plans for all of us, and no matter how much we think we have messed up there is still always time to fix it all and get back on track.

Life as a missionary is awesome. I love you all!
Motra J 

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