Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Letter # 58 - April 11, 2016

Dear Family and Friends-

Again the wave of forgetfulness washes over me every time I try to write my weekly email. The one thing I did remember was to attach a picture of my favorite traditional food, stuffed peppers. It is proof, that missions can change people. Someone like me, who would have gagged, cried, then gagged some more to eat something like that, now loves food like that. Missions really can change people.

Well, what has been happening in my beautiful city of Tirana? Everything happens here! We are still working with Gabriella who is 10 and should be getting baptized in a two weeks. I have never had more fun teaching someone before, and we the lessons that we usually are nervous to give-Word of Wisdom and Law of Chasity are a breeze! 

One of the ways my testimony was strengthened this week was through prayer. It seemed like everything I prayed for, or we prayed for together worked out.
-We prayed outside a less actives house, that she would be inside and she was! 
-We prayed for what training we should give in Zone Training and we gave the exact training of the spiritual thought.
-I prayed to know what I should do about a certain thing, and about 5 hours later a Sister said something that was the exact answer to my prayer.
-We prayed to know what bus to use and we found the house we needed to find
-We prayed as we were running late to a lesson that the girl wouldn't be waiting at that church-and she ended up being late as well
On my mission, I have realized that God hears every prayer. It doesn't mean always mean he answers it the way we want, but I have seen that if I have just a little of patience, later I can see that He was planning something way better. Sometimes, I am just so overwhelmed that every little prayer I say, He helps me! It makes me grateful knowing that with all of His children, he is concerned for us individually. 

Missions are great. Albania is great. Albania is the only place where a old random grandmas in church can kiss and pinch my cheeks and call me "cookie" and I actually feel loved. Life is good and I hope and pray for all of you every day! You mean the world to me.

Motra J 

Also, we met the American Ambassador at a Zone Lunch! 


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