Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Letter # 53 - February 29, 2016

Dear Family and Friends-

Everyone thinks we are nuns here. When we walk down the street, we are talking and every other sentence we tell people, "We aren't nuns!" or "We aren't Jehovah's Witnesses!" Then I was thinking about the missionaries in Utah, who can't go anywhere without people honking their horns or waving. What a different world! Someday people will understand who we are. 

This last week was a good one. Super rainy but good. We had a little testimony meeting yesterday for Fast Sunday and this little 11 year old got up and bore his testimony about the BOM. He started crying and it was so sweet. It reminds me that the Church is growing super slowly here, but the families that are in the Church will grow and grow. They are the pioneers here! 

One of the cool things about this week...we had a lesson planned so we took a member with us. During the lesson, one of the woman's friends unexpectedly showed up. I think she was more interested in the woman we were actually teaching. We were able to give her a BOM and she wants to meet with us again. She said, "I just feel so much stress in my life and I am just looking for peace." Over and over again, God has lead us to these people. Even when they don't get baptized, I am still certain that we were supposed to be meet them.

I am realizing more and more that missionary work is less of just baptizing (although it looks like that to people who haven't served), but more of doing what the Savior would do if he was here. He always taught, but he always served when he taught. So this last week as we took desserts to a nursing home, massaged an arthritic lady's hands, or taught a young mom how to read, I've realized those are statistics that can't be measured and reported. But when was it ever about statistics if Jesus would leave 99 to go after the 1? I just love being a missionary. 

Well, I love you all!! Zoti ju bekoft.

Motra J 

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