Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Letter # 50 - Surprise, You are getting Transferred! - February 8, 2016

I am going to miss this place

Dear Family and Friends-

So it was a typical Saturday night, we had just finished planning and we were cooking our usual pot of cranberry tea when the phone rings. It was President Weidmann. I knew that he was going to ask for me and tell me that I was getting transferred. It is called ESPT (Extrasensory Perception for Transfers).  So normally transfers are at the end of 3 months, but I am getting transferred at the 6 week mark instead. So it was kind of a surprise to say the least.

And I am heading back to the beautiful land of Albania. To a little city called Shkoder. It actually isn't that tiny, but from what I heard it is a beautiful place to be! 

It has been hard to think of leaving Kosovo as I have tried to come to grips it I have

thought a lot about why I love this place so much. Every day people ask why we are here. Why would I be here when America is so much better? But, when you realize what we do as missionaries when you know our purpose-everything just clicks. I have come to love Kosovo because of what I have been able to do here.  What I have been able to testify of.

One highlight from this last week. We had a lesson with Sarah. An investigator who was supposed to get baptized back in December, but fell off the face of the planet. Anyways, we have been reading the BOM as a mission for a whole month. Earlier that morning, I had finished reading it and as I read the final verses of Moroni, BAMMM, I just felt this incredible sense of the power of the BOM. And I knew again it was true. 

In our lesson with her, she mentioned that she still hadn't gotten an answer for her prayers. I asked if we could kneel and pray about the BOM and she said okay. Her prayer was very sincere, "God, tell me if this book is true...because I want to follow Thee." After it was over there was a minute of silence where that same Spirit I had felt that morning, came rushing in.

I broke the silence and said, "Do you feel that?" And Sarah's little 7 year old nephew who has been in all the lessons and never speaks, says "I do!" (And that's why we are commanded to be like little children-they are so much closer to the Spirit). Sarah said, "It feels like a fire in me." 

It was the neatest thing ever. I feel like trying to write about it, doesn't really explain it. But that is what a mission is-moments like those. 

I love you all. I love the gospel with all my heart. Maybe I will just be a missionary forever.

Motra J 

Catholic Church - Our Field Trip Today

We also visited a mosque

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