Sunday, January 31, 2016

Letter # 48 - 1 Year as a Missionary - January 25, 2016

Dear Family and Friends-

Have I really been a missionary for a whole year now?! I can't believe that it has been that long. It just seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the car on the way to the MTC, thinking I knew a lot about missionary life and that Albanian wouldn't be that hard to learn......hahha oh how far I have come! I am certainly glad I only had to say goodbye to my family once and learn the language once. I am more grateful to be here where I am right now, having a year of experience. I would say it is more like 10 years of life experience crammed into one year. And I wouldn't trade that for the world. (But I am glad that I don't have to eat MTC food ever again.) 

This last week was pretty amazing. We did a ton of tracting! We can't stay in the same spot for too long or else our feet freeze to the ground-so we couldn't street contact. I think a lot of people took pity on us and just let in. We felt like all we did this week was eat people's cookies and teach them the Restoration. I can't complain here! 

This last week as I was explaining the Restoration to a family, I was thinking in my mind, How strange does this sound to them? Gold plates, angels appearing to minster keys, a young boy who saw God when he was only 14? But, it doesn't sound strange because the Spirit is there. Although we still have our heavy American accents as we teach these people in Albanian and as we tell them a story they have never heard before-the Spirit is always there confirming our words. And my favorite thing is saying at the end of the lesson is, "this is our message that the true church of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth." I think it is so powerful knowing that. Seeing it change people's lives. And I have loved teaching it over and over again this week.

I know that all missionaries probably say this but there is nothing better than sharing the gospel. I am kind of ashamed that I didn't even try before my mission. But now, I've realized that I love people too much not to tell them.

Well, I love you all. 

Motra J 

The Serbian Monastery, this time in the snow.

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