Monday, January 4, 2016

Letter # 45 - The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyways (well just a little bit) - January 4, 2016

Dear Family and Friends-

It is a winter wonderland here in Gjakova. it has been snowing for the past 3 days straight.Trying to channel my inner Elsa and survive the cold. So I am staying here for another 3 months and my new companion is Sister Johasen. (So yes, the whole Draper 5th ward can be happy that we are serving together).

We successful survived the New Year's here. We had to be locked in our house at 4 pm because Albanians just go nuts, NUTS, with fireworks. We got to stay up till 12 and watch them go off, it was even bigger than the 4th of July in America. 

One little miracle this week, after our little Catholic family decided to be Catholic again, we decided that we couldn't give up on them. We have been working super hard with them and we made a video with our family's testimonies. (We translated them into Albanian) 

Two nights ago we took it over and we showed it to them. The whole family just loved it, but especially the youngest son.. And for the first time in 1 month, he read from the Book of Mormon and started praying again. The light of Christ was shining again in his eyes! 

God never gives up on us, so it reminds me to never give up on them. Someday they will come around. It really is the little things that make a difference out here. I've never loved being a missionary more, the more I realize how much God is involved in the work here. We literally work side by side with him-I LOVE IT. Miracles are so real.

I love you all! 

Motra J 

(Also, on the list of things that I don't like to eat-cabbage soup.) 

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