Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Letter # 38 - October 26, 2015

Dear Family and Friends-

As far as great stories go this week, it all began at 6 am on an exchange with Sister Chesire. We decided to try our luck at running the streets of Kosovo. There we were strolling along, when 5 giant dogs start barking at us. Accustomed to this, I keep running until I realize that they aren't just barking at us but chasing us down the street. I grab Sister Chesire's arm and do the only logical thing to do in that situation, run! We ran and ran and finally turned down an ally. When we were finally in the clear, we stopped to catch our breath (nothing like 5 angry dogs to make you run super fast) and I just about fell over laughing. You can either laugh or cry your way through life, but crying makes my face all puffy so laughing it was. We very cautiously ran home and were very wary of dogs the whole rest of the day. Good times. 

But besides the angry dogs, this week was great. It is getting cold outside which means we drink hot chocolate every night. 

We love our little miracle family and go over there every night! They always feed us chestnuts, and two nights ago we had pasta with spicy ketchup on it. So yummy. 

Life as a missionary is the best. We get to testify of the Savior every day and feel the Spirit in every moment. There is nothing better than watching a family read the Book of Mormon for the first time or seeing them decide to keep the Word of Wisdom.

Those changes, whether for big or for small are the most amazing things. And I know that they are not changing for us, but changing for their love of the Savior. 

I love you! 

Motra J 
We visited a monastery.

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