Monday, September 14, 2015

Letter #32 - A Marriage Proposition, Cow Milking, and A Whole Lot of Randomness - September 14, 2015

Dear Family and Friends-

I loved this week with all my heart. It was amazing. We met so many amazing people and so amazing things happened, I can't include it all in an email. On Saturday night, I came home and listened to "Joy to the World" because it was basically like Christmas for me, I was so happy! 

I will just include some of the little miracles of this week

1) Bora! She was supposed to get baptized at the beginning of the transfer, but her Muslim husband said no. Last week, her husband actually came to church with her and has given her permission to get baptized! I am so pumped.

2) We were street contacting and this woman stops me-which is significant because most of the time we have to stop the Albanian people and convince them to talk to us. She said, "Are you true believers of Christ?" I told her yes, then she explained, "I knew I needed to walk home this way today because Christ told me that you would be waiting for me!" We walked home with her and got introduced to her whole crazy family who all believe in Christ and love the Bible. It was so awesome! 

3) Okay-funniest story I have to share. It wasn't really a miracle but we got invited by our ward mission leader, Brother Metushi to come over to his house. To describe him, he is basically a little hobbit and dances like one as well. Anyways, we go over there and his wife and son are not members. Anyways, we are thinking-hey we can help get his wife baptized. 

But he had other motives in mind.....we taught a short lesson about Plan of Salvation. Trying to emphasize the fact that of course, we want all our family to be with us in heaven again. The lesson went okay, but then after his family fed us the typical Albanian dinner which is rice in sauce with bread. Then Greek Salad with sour yogurt called kos. Soggy bread that they call dessert and of course, Fanta Exotic to top it all of.

It was the typical Albanian dinner. They ate nothing and had more fun just getting us to eat everything. They always tell us, "EAT EAT YOU ARE YOUNG AND SKINNY." Then at the end of the meal, he literally gives us an 8 pound bag of grapes I could barely carry home.

Anyways, didn't think much about the lesson anymore but then he came to FHE on Friday. We were playing games and having a great time, and he pulls me aside and says, "Can we talk in the kitchen?" And I was like, "Sure, come on Motra Ranta." He said, "No, no, just you." Now I am werided out, "Well, I am always supposed to be with my companion." He just grumbles and pulls us into the kitchen.

He just looks super uncomfortable and awkward and starts, "Listen....that family really likes you so my son wants you to come back after your mission...can you do that? Think you can have all the grapes in our vineyard....okay? Just think about it." 

I didn't really say anything..I think that got of my mouth was "Okay.......". Then Sister Ranta and I had a laughing fit in the kitchen after he left. Our ward mission leader wasn't really interested in getting his wife baptized...just in getting a wife for his son. Anyways, whenever I see him now, he brings me more grapes. In fact, on Sunday he opened our car and stuffed grapes into our bags.

I guess I just didn't expect that from the ward mission leader. I think it pretty hilarious and no-I do not plan on coming back here and marrying anyone from Albania-even for all the grapes in world.

4) Another miracle! We have been searching for less actives and we were able to find the sweetest lady this last week. We were truly lead by the Spirit to her house. 

She fed us probably the grossest thing I've had on my mission so far. It was milk with yogurt, butter, and cheese, all left out in the sun to rot. Gulping that down was a toughie. It doesn't sound that bad-but trust me. (Oh another note, she let me milk the cow). But that drink is called Dhale.

Anyways, she talked about how she felt she had been in darkness the last couple of days and suddenly we appeared and she said, "Today the sunshine has come back into my life." And I knew it wasn't us, but the message and the Spirit that we carried.

5) We went to Tirana this week for our Stake Conference. My favorite part is when the Albanians sang "Come, Come Ye Saints." Although it was off-key because no one knows how to sing, I felt such a Spirit that they really are the pioneers of this work. 

Anyways, this week was quite an adventure. I can't include everything that happened but I just want to testify for those little miracles along the way. The Lord is preparing people-this is His work. We are just lucky enough to be his disciples, to be His instruments here. 

I know that if we rely on the Lord-WE CAN DO ANYTHING. I love that. The Lord is the miracle worker, not us. He is just waiting to show us what we can do with Him, if we put our trust in Him and let him.

I love this work with all my heart. I love these people. There is nothing better then serving a mission, I am so glad I am here because I am coming to know my Savior.

I love you all! 

Motra J
The infamous koran fish that I ate today.

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