Monday, September 7, 2015

Letter # 31 - September 7, 2015

Dear Family and Friends-

This week we were just talking to people on the street (this is how all great stories begin...) but we stopped this little old lady and she just was like "Oh I love you girls" and gives us big kisses and pats our heads and says "Te keqa nena" which translates to "Give all your bad things to me because I am your grandma." 

It just makes us laugh because this happens all the time to us and they are always random strangers...mostly old people who just kiss us and give us big hugs then run away. Two weeks ago, an old little grandpa said, "Are you American?" And before I could stop him he just pulls me for a hug and tried to kiss my cheek (I avoided that one), then he just left on his way. Whenever we need extra lovin' here we just talk to the old people. 

Twas a good week this week. The weather is finally cooling down and we got a car in our area which means no more riding on the bus with the goats. 

This last week we were cruising along and then we hit a little bump in the road. The 5 people that we were teaching decided that they didn't have time to hear our lessons anymore. It was a little rough, but we still had one girl we hadn't heard from for 3 days so I just started praying super hard that she still wanted to get baptized and meet with us. 

We didn't hear for her for two days but finally we were able to talk to her and she said, "Sorry, I have just been sick but we can still meet!" I was so happy and it just reminded me of those little tender mercies of the Lord. Although we may have lost 4 other people, there is joy in just that one soul. That one child of God.

We had a Zone Conference this week and we talked about just finding joy in the little things, and I have started to try to do that. To see the Lord's hand in the little things, because he really does so much for us. 

Sometimes we expect those big miracles, we want things to go our way! I will admit, I wanted those 4 other people to get baptized. But God has an ultimate plan and you just hope and have faith and be of good cheer while He makes that plan happen.

I love you all.

Motra J 

P.S. Albania is playing Portgual tonight in my home town of Elbasan. I've never seen people so excited about soccer! I hope we win and I attached a picture of the giant TV screen in the center of the city. 

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