Monday, August 10, 2015

Letter # 26 - The Holy Ghost Cake - August 3, 2015

Dear Family and Friends-

I loved this week. It is boiling here like always, and yesterday we only had 2 hours of church because the AC broke and branch president said everyone was going to pass out if we didn't go home.

But Bajame got baptized! She was what people would call the "golden" investigator. She was already so prepared by the Lord, we didn't really have to do anything. Her friend who introduced her to the church, Ersild, got to baptize her. Sister Ranta and I have a secret wish that they will get married, but that is a whole other story.

As for the title of this email, after the baptism we always make a little cake for our investigators. So we starting dishing out this little vanilla cake and everyone is eating it, then people around us start saying, "My mouth is burning...." "Why does this cake burn my mouth?" Panicking, I tasted it and sure enough it tasted like we had made the cake with a little flour, eggs, and a whole lot of Windex. 

Pretty soon, the whole ward is laughing at the idea that the sisters are trying to kill everyone. Ersild, always the joker said, "Sisters, is this the burning you talk about when you feel the Holy Ghost?"  

But, (big sigh of relief) the burning was from some really, really OLD vanilla we used that we found in our house. I don't know why it burned our mouths, but it is Albanian vanilla not the normal American vanilla. And I am pretty sure old vanilla has never killed anyone.

As for our cooking skills, I guess I should have listened to my mother and learned how to cook before I left. We promised the ward that the next baptism wouldn't have the "Holy Ghost Cake" and it would be burnt free.

Besides that little mishap this week, we have just been loving the work. We have another investigator Jueda who is going to be baptized soon. We had a lesson with her at the park and she said, "Sisters, why I am so happy? Ever since I came to church, and starting reading Mormon's book (that is what she called it), I am just so happy!" 

It just reminds me of why I am here. Why I am here to preach the gospel. To find the one little sheep. If I went my whole mission and only saw one person enter the water of baptism, that would be okay because I have learned the value of that one soul. I have seen the love that God has for each of His individual children. 

It is so easy to get discouraged, at least for me, thinking I am hardly making a difference. But there is so much I can do! I've realized, I don't have to radically change things, just to serve everyone with love. One person at a time.

I love you all! 

Motra J 
It was Violeta's birthday this week!

Bajame got baptized!

One of my favorite girls we teach.

Where we went for Pday today!

Oh missionary life!

There is a storm coming!

Everything to study!

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