Monday, July 6, 2015

Letter # 22 - July 6, 2015

Dear Family and Friends!

I am a trainer now! My new companion is Motra Ranta and she is from Arizona. Which is good because she knows how to deal with the heat here because it is pretty crazy. I think it was 95 degrees today with 50% humidity! But she seems really awesome and has that awesome new missionary desire to share the gospel with everyone.

This week we were walking down the road and she waved at us and we waved and kept walking, but then we decided we needed to go back and talk to her. After getting to know her for a little bit she pulled out a picture with a missionary about 8 years ago! It was amazing to see how the Spirit knew her and prompted us to go and talk to her.

I know that the Spirit is the ultimate teacher. I've especially seen this in the last couple of days because I have only been here 3 months and my language skills are still developing. But the Spirit testifies that what we said is true. 

The Spirit is something I am also grateful for personally. That same investigator, we went to visit her last night and she told her husband won't let us meet with her anymore because he is jealous and is really controlling. I think now as the senior companion, I took the rejection a little harder than I took rejection in my first transfer. 

But as we were walking, I felt the Spirit testify to me that Savior of the World was too rejected. And he was perfect. He was the perfect teacher and still people refused to listen to him. And walking along that little dusty road here in Albania, I felt comforted knowing that if anyone understood rejection it was the Savior.

I found this quote by Elder Bednar, "There is no physical pain, no spiritual wound, no anguish of soul or heartache, no infirmity or weakness you or I ever confront in mortality that the Savior did not experience first. In a moment of weakness we may cry out, ‘No one knows what it is like. No one understands.’ But the Son of God perfectly knows and understands, for He has felt and borne our individual burdens."

I testify that is true and I testify that the Spirit is real. I have never felt the Spirit as strongly as I have felt it on my mission, telling me that Christ lives and that He loves us.

I love all of you!
Motra J 

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