Friday, March 20, 2015

Letter # 7 - March 19, 2015

Hello Family and Friends!

Life is good! With the warm weather and everything, it finally starting to hit me that I am leaving for Albania in just a couple days! I am so excited to go.

I have to mention a funny story that happened this week. We went to Skype this week and we Skyped with this Albanian lady named DeNada. Anyways we start off and we ask how she is and her family but then I forget what to say and there was this long AWKWARD pause and I didn't know what to say so I just said "Sa mire" which means "That is wonderful" and DeNada laughed so hard. I have never heard anyone laugh so hard in their entire life. She laughed for about 5 minutes and said "I just love you guys". Now that I think about it, it was an awkward thing to say when there was an awkward pause. But it was great!

So this week we got to look at pictures of Albania and I just got this overwhelming feeling that I belong there! That Albania is where I am supposed to be! We had this amazing devotional and he told us that "the day you are happy is the day you forget about yourself and you love the people more." And I am starting to love the Albanian people! It is crazy to me, that I love this place and these people when I wasn't even considering a mission until about a year ago. 

We had a girl go home this week because of some medical issues and it was really hard for her. I can't imagine what it would be like to go home, but anyways, she bore a powerful testimony that God has a plan for everyone and I can testify that is true. There is no way, I would be out here getting ready to fly to this foreign country in two weeks if I didn't know that. I know there are people who need to hear this message. Even if it is in my broken Albanian. 

My language skills are definitely not where I would want them to be but I have learned the Spirit makes up for everything! At the devotional the other night we learned a sister had be converted through the practice lessons! She really was a real investigator and she listened to this broken Korean and she still knew what they were saying was true because of the Spirit! So that is my plan once I get over there because I still have no idea what I am doing.  

But I am just really excited to get there and to start speaking to them! Une e di qe Jezu Krishti jeton! (I know that Jesus Christ lives) I love you all. 

Love, Motra Jackson 

Also sorry I don't have any pictures, the MTC is pretty much the same as always. I will send more pictures when I am in the amazingly beautiful Albania! 

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