Sunday, March 15, 2015

Letter # 6 - March 12, 2015

Family and Friends!

Another week down at the MTC and I have another great Albanian phrase for you! Instead of saying "You read my mind" they literally said "You read the newspaper in my pocket!" I think it is so funny and say it all the time now!

So this week, I had the most amazing tender mercy! We had to go to the police station because we have to get a background check to travel internationally. I think it is a new procedure for missionaries. Of course, being in Provo I wondered if I would see anyone I knew. But we were standing on the corner of Center Street waiting for someone to pick us up and I look over and see Rachel! It was a surreal moment. We both reached out to each other and then the light turned green and she drove off. I was in shock for a little bit, but when I got in the van, I was thinking "what are the chances of that happening?" We had only been standing on the corner for about 3 minutes and the van was right there ready to pick us up, so I barely got to see her! I think it just shows that Heavenly Father really does care for us and there are no coincidences in the Gospel! Something as simple as getting to see Rachel (something that made me so happy for the rest of the week) was something that Heavenly Father took the time to care about! It was so crazy! 

Another awesome thing that happened. Our district was sitting together at dinner and Brother Seamons came up to us and asked if we were excited for the devotional tonight. Brother Seamons is the secretary to the MTC presidency. Anyways, he asked if we were excited because Elder Cook was coming from the Quorum of the 12. We all said yes and he asked if we would like to sit on the front row! Of course we wanted to and he let us sit right on the second row-RIGHT IN FRONT OF ELDER COOK. I have never been that close to hear an Apostle speak and I doubt I ever will again! It was so neat!!

Elder Cook did an awesome job and he said two things that I really really loved. First he said, "Serving a mission blesses everyone you love." And I just really liked that- to know that everyone I care about is being watched over and cared for.

Then Elder Cook bore his testimony and I have come to realize there is nothing more powerful than an Apostles testimony. He said "In experiences too sacred to share, I know The Lord's voice and I know that He lives!" Everyone in the MTC was so still and quiet when he said that because it was so profound! It made me want to be a better missionary and just be a better person! But it was all so neat because we were sitting right in front of him!

Anyways, it was really just a great week and I leave for Albania in just 20 short days. It has really snuck up on me but I am getting so excited to go serve the people there! They need the Gospel and I cannot wait to share it with them!

Love, Motra Jackson

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