Sunday, March 1, 2015

Letter # 4 - February 26, 2015

Family and friends!

Well, I have officially been here at the MTC for a whole month. It feels like just a couple days and I have learned more than I have ever thought was possible!

The language matches the title of the my email this morning and comes from, of course, my favorite Disney movie Mulan! Learning Albanian has been exactly like training to defeat the Huns and the MTC is basically the training ground. But I've realized Disney is Disney and they summed up all this preparation for war in 2 minutes with a catchy song. I know that if the Lord wanted me to learn the language, He could bestow it upon me right when I got my call. He could do that for all the missionaries. Wouldn't that be so much easier? Wouldn't the work go forth so much faster? But I realized that if I learned the language like Mulan learns to fight, in just two minutes with a fun song, I would learn nothing. There would be no stretching and growing, there would be no relying on the Lord. I've realized that the Lord is making something out of me- a missionary that He can rely on to do His work. Although I feel like I am so far from that, I find comfort that He can someday do that!

The language was and always is the struggle of the week, but I know that the Lord doesn't leave us alone! I had someone reach out to me this week, someone I didn't know, write me a letter explaining how her daughter who also served in Albania, struggled with the language. But she testified to me that she got it and now is doing great in Albania! I was so thankful this stranger took the time to confirm to me that Heavenly Father watches out for each of us and loves each of us personally! 

Our whole zone is also experiencing so many health problems. One sister has mono. Another hit her head and went blind for a a little bit. One can't open her jaw. Another is having severe shoulder pain. And Motra Ariza in my district needs to get her gall bladder taken out. She knows on Friday if she has to go home or not and so we have all been fasting for her. It just a testament to me that this is the true work because there is such a struggle to stop the work from progressing. But the good news is, nothing can stop the missionaries! But I will have to say, I really admire Motra Ariza because through all of this, with the possibility of going home or staying, she has never once complained or asked "why me?". In fact, she is way more worried about those around her. I consider her one of the most Christ-like people I know! She is amazing!

I have realized, that sometimes, we are just walking in the dark. Walking without the end in sight. But I know that the Lord doesn't just leave us in the dark. Sometimes He lights up one step and then the next step. I know that putting my trust in Him is best decision I could make for my mission and the rest of my life! I know He Lives and loves us!

Thank you for all your love and support, I love you all!!

Love, Motra Jackson 

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