Sunday, February 15, 2015

Letter # 2 February 12, 2015

To all the ones I love-

Another week down at the MTC. Time is flying by here, which is suprising because we have 16 hour days. Everyday consists of class, food, gym, and study time! People have been asking what I do all the time, and that is really it. We study the language and the gospel all day. The only real breaks we have are for devotionals and on P-Day. It is a lot of work but I also feel like 9 weeks is not enough time to learn the language! 

My companion and I get along great. She is from Idaho and worked all summer pulling wagons with horses. She is very low-key and easy going. I think we balance each other out because sometimes I need to slow down more and she helps me with that!

Our zone is awesome. It is composed of the Hungarians, Estonians, and the Finnish. We all understand the complexities of learning a hard language. We have all started to pick up other words from each other though. We always say "Oh nem!" which means "Oh no!" in Hungarian. Also, Dmitri Howard, from Alta is here in my zone!

Our district is doing good also. I think after 14 days of being with each other, we are all really close and it is true. I think that is why you make life-long friends on your mission because you are with them through the ups and the downs. 

We are teaching our fake investigator right now. He is one of our teachers and he is pretending to be Catholic. The good news is I can understand most of what he says. The bad news is I usually have no idea what to say back besides yes. But we taught him the Restoration yesterday. I've been trying to memorize the first vision in Albanian all week. It is amazing- the more I say it to myself the more it confirms to me that it is true and it strengthens my testimony.

Well I will admit this week, I have thought multiple times, why didn't I just mark "I am not interested in learning another language" on my mission papers. Albanian is really hard. You conjugate not only the verbs but also the nouns depending on their place in the sentence. It takes me 10 minutes to conjugate one sentence. But I have also realized Heavenly Father trusts me enough to learn this for the people of Albania. He knows I will get it eventually. 

I got to watch Character of Christ this week by Elder Bednar. Although I have seen it before, it was more amazing as a missionary. He reminded the missionaries that Christ always turned outward when we would be tempted to turn inward. And he said, missionary work is really about the people and not about the missionary. 

I really do feel quite lucky to get to be a missionary! They changed the age only 5 years ago and I always think that I was one of the lucky ones who got to go at 19. I am so excited to go share the message of the gospel with the people in Albania!!

Love, Motra Jackson

Also, for anyone who was confused about my address this is it:

Sister Emilie Catherine Jackson
2007 N 900 E Unit 45
Provo, Utah 84602

Also, I don't have Lyndesie Smith's email but will someone  please tell her thank you so much for the doughnuts! And I love her! 

Us being silly at the Temple.

With all my books studying hard.

With Sister Pierce and Sister Ariza

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