Thursday, February 5, 2015

Letter #1 February 5, 2015

Family and Friends!

I cannot believe I am writing this first letter from the MTC. After saying our goodbyes on Wednesday, they whisked me away right to my first Albanian class. I have already taught 4 lessons all in Albanian! I will say the language is tough but it is getting easier every day. 

My companion is Motra (sister) Henderson. We get along really well together, I could not have asked for a better companion. She is really into sports and she reminds me of Brittany because she is really competitive.

I have to tell you something funny the Albanians do. After a lesson they kiss you on both cheeks. Our investigator did that right after our first lesson and anyone who knows me, knows that I felt pretty uncomfortable. It is something I will have to get used to.  

We have 6 sisters (including me) and 3 elders in our district. I really have already come to love them all and we get along well. 

Sitting down to finally write, my mind is really blanking but I will say we had a Sunday Devotional with a member of the 70 and his wife talked all about the fact that we have one shot. One shot at a mission. One shot to make the MTC count. One shot at each day to come closer to the Savior. And that has really stuck with me the last couple of days. Everytime I feel like it is too hard, or I don't want to keep learning Albanian, I think about that. Although I miss you all so much, I heard this phrase that describes my feelings. "When you are on your mission, all you will think about is home. But  when you go home all  you will think about is your mission." I have really come to realize that this is an opportunity to serve the Lord.

 I keep thinking of my missionary commission that Brother Andersen gave me. "How Great is my Calling!" It really is. I love being a missionary. That sounds so cheesy and clique but I love knowing more about the gospel each day! 

There is a special spirit here that I don't think resides anywhere else, not even the field. The MTC is just a great place! I am doing really well and I thank you for all your love and prayers. I can feel them here and I love you all!

Love, Motra Jackson

Also for writing, Dear Elders or handwritten are the best. I will only see emails on Thursday and reading them doesn't count as our time so I will have enough time to write. Dear Elders and handwritten ones are easier however because I can read those whenever I get them! I will write Thursday as well. 

I forgot to bring my camera! Sorry!! I will send pictures next week.

I feel like I didn't write that much so I will tell you what we do here. We go to class everyday for about 11 hours. We study, study, STUDY. We study the scriptures, preach my gospel, and the language. I feel like there is SO MUCH TO LEARN.

We get to go to the temple today because it is P-Day!

I am so busy here, I hardly have any time to think about anything besides missionary work, but my favorite part of the day is the 15 minutes before we go to bed. Our branch president, who I love, challenged us to have those 15 minutes with the Savior. It has really come to me a lot to me because I spend most of the time praying that I will understand this language. 

The coolest thing is that our last lesson, I could pick out some of the words she said and she said that reading the BOM makes her feel peace in her heart. So the language is slowly coming!

We have three teachers. They all served in Albania so we ask them questions but apparently, the mafia is really nice to the missionaries there and they really respect them because we are American and we dress nicely hahah. 

I really can't remember what else has happened this week. We study and learn and teach and that is about it! We also have fun though and our district is becoming really close because we are forced to spend so much time together.

It is hard to adjust to having a companion because I like doing things on my own but I can see why we have them and why they bless us. She is teaching me how to be more patient and she is helping me with my language so it works out! 

I will try to remember more to say next week! Writing is harder than I thought. 

Love you all. 

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